The Art of Data, Innovation & Adapting to Change

The Art of Data, Innovation & Adapting to Change

In this episode, the founder and CEO of COMBINER and previous curator at the Nobel Prize Museum Tobias Degsell joins Natalie Silverman to discuss innovation, collaboration and inspiring teams to think differently about data.

About Our Guest Speakers:

Natalie Silverman serves as CSS’s Chief Marketing Officer. A leading FinTech specialist, Natalie has over 17 years of go-to-market and strategic expertise in financial services, SaaS, media and news. Most recently she has helped to build innovation labs across startups and enterprises.

The founder and CEO of COMBINER, creativity expert Tobias Degsell worked for several years as curator at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, before becoming an entrepreneur. Passionate about data, and with a rare ability to see the world through patterns, he has given talks around the world which help companies and organizations be more creative around change so they can think and act in new ways. He loves to inspire teams to face reality, problem-solve, and come up with innovative solutions.


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