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    Compliance Solutions Strategies resource videos

    Unpacking the Cybersecurity Rules and Impacts

    Laura Grossman
    Associate General Counsel at Investment Adviser Association (IAA)

    Adan Araujo
    Chief Compliance Officer at Jasper Ridge Partners

    Desiree Moore
    Partner at K&L Gates

    Part 1 - Getting Ready for the PRIIPs KID Deadlines

    Karly Murray
    ActiQuant Consulting

    Shane Flatman
    Senior Product Manager CSS, a Confluence Company

    Part 2 - Getting Ready for the PRIIPs KID Deadlines

    Karly Murray
    ActiQuant Consulting

    Shane Flatman
    Senior Product Manager CSS, a Confluence Company

    Coffee & Regs

    Greg Hotaling
    Regulatory Content Manager CSS, a Confluence Company

    Shane Flatman
    Senior Product Manager CSS, a Confluence Company


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    Expertise, commentary and analysis on current and emerging regulations to help you stay ahead of regulatory change
    Fund Reporting

    • AIFMD Annex IV (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive)
    • CPO-PQR
    • CSSF UCITS Risk Report (U1.1)
    • DCPT (Defined Contributions Pensions Template)
    • Factsheets
    • Form 13F
    • Form 13H
    • Form ADV
    • Form N-CEN
    • Form N-LIQUID
    • Form N-MFP
    • Form N-PORT
    • Form PF
    • FVPT (Fair Value Mid Price Template)
    • GroMiKV
    • IDWG (Institutional Data Working Group) Template
    • J402 (Dutch Pension – Cost Reporting)
    • LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme) Template
    • MiFID II: Costs and Charges
    • MiFID II: EMT/EFT (Product Governance / Target Market) – inc. Transaction Cost Calculation
    • MiFID II: TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis)
    • MMFR Article 37
    • NFA (National Futures Association) Annual Report
    • OPERA / Open Protocol
    • PRIIPs EPT/CEPT – including Tranaction Cost Calculation
    • PRIIPs KID
    • Prospectuses
    • RG97 (Australian Superannuaction – cost calculation)
    • Solvency II (TPT / SCR)
    • TFC-1
    • TFC-2
    • TFC-3
    • TIC Form BC
    • TIC Form BL-1
    • TIC Form BL-2
    • TIC Form BQ-1
    • TIC Form BQ-2
    • TIC Form BQ-3
    • TIC Form CQ-1
    • TIC Form CQ-2
    • TIC Form S
    • TIC Form SHC/SHCA
    • TIC Form SHL/SHLA
    • TIC Form SLT
    • VAG

    Compliance Services

    • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
    • Commodity Exchange Act; Commodity Futures (NFA) CFTA
    • Compliance Program Development and Annual Compliance Program Reviews: IC Act Rule 38a-1
    • CPO-PQR
    • Data Classification
    • ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)
    • FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)
    • Form 13D
    • Form 13F
    • Form 13G
    • Form 13H
    • Form ADV
    • Form BD, Form BR
    • Form N-PORT
    • Form PF
    • Form U4/U5 Filings
    • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – attestations only
    • IA and B-D Registration with FINRA/SEC/States
    • IC Act Section 17: Prohibited Transactions
    • KYC / AML (Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering
    • Massachusetts Privacy Regulations (Encryption)
    • MSRB Rules
    • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework
    • NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation
    • Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI)
    • State IA, BD, and PF Regulations: 50 States (privacy issues, regulations, senior client policies, etc.)
    • Supervisory Rules: Business Practices
    • Supervisory System Compliance Program Development and Annual Supervisory System Control Review: FINRA Rules 3110 and 3120
    • U.S. Marketing Regulations: Rule 206(4)-1 of IA Act and FINRA Rule 2210
    • US Treasury Dept AML Reviews
    • Fair Valuation Rule 2(a)(41) of IC Act

    Transaction Reporting

    • EMIR
    • EMIR-UK
    • MiFID II: MiFIR (Art. 26)
    • MiFID II: Position Limits (Art. 58)
    • MiFIR-UK MiFID Art 26 (UK)
    • MoneyMarket Statistical Reporting (MMSR)
    • SFTR (Securities Financing Transaction Regulation)
    • SFTR-UK

    Compliance Management

    • Best Execution: TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis)
    • Books and Records: Rule 204-2 of IA Act; Securities Exchange Act 17a-3 and 17a-4
    • Branch Office Reviews
    • Code-of-Ethics (Rule 204A-1)/ Personal Account Dealing / Conflicts of Interest / Gifts & Entertainment
    • Compliance Program Development and Annual Compliance Program Reviews: IA Act Rule 206(4)-7
    • Custody: Rule 206(4)-2 of IA Act
    • Due Diligence Reviews (e.g., sub-advisers, vendors, firm acquisitions)
    • Form CRS
    • Insider Trading: Section 204 of IA Act; Section 15(f) of Securities Exhange Act
    • Investment Advisors Act of 1940, Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Investment Company Act of 1940
    • Market Abuse – general (not specifically EU MAR)
    • Principal/Agency Cross/Cross Transactions: IA Act Section 206(3) and Rule 206(3)-2
    • Rule 204A-1
    • Fair and Equitable Trading
    • Portfolio Pumping/Window Dressing/Volume Analysis
    • Short-Term Trading/Trade Error Detection

    Investment Monitoring

    • EU Short Selling Regulation
    • EU Transparency Directive
    • Form 13D
    • Form 13F
    • Form 13G
    • Form 13H
    • Insider Restrictions
    • Issuer Limits
    • Mandatory Tender Offer
    • MAR 0.5% Monitoring (Market Abuse Regulation)
    • Position Limits
    • Sensitive Industries
    • Shareholding Disclosure
    • SRD II
    • Takeover Panels

    Regulatory Guidance

    A team of regulatory experts that manage CSS’s regulatory radar, scanning the horizon for regulatory change that will impact our clients

    CSS’s in-house team of Regulatory Guidance experts know how to anticipate change and take a proactive approach to compliance. This team of experts is made up of former Chief Compliance Officers, regulators, regulatory attorneys, regulatory specialists and technical and data analysts, and have built our platform with the industry’s challenges in mind and help bridge the gap between the regulations and practical application.

    CSS’s Regulatory Guidance experts:

    • Contribute market-leading thought leadership and content to support our clients’ understanding of how regulation is being adopted in the market
    • Provide practical support to clients when taking data from source systems to regulatory form
    • Help clients work through undefined aspects of the regulations
    • Offer guidance on interpretation of rules and insights into the industry’s approach
    • Remain in touch with the regulator community to be one step ahead of regulatory change

    Need Deeper Insights & Guidance?

    Take the first step on your global regulatory compliance journey. A CSS regulatory expert will be in contact with you within the next business day.

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