Investment Monitoring Rewind & 2022 Preview

Investment Monitoring Rewind & 2022 Preview

In this episode, CSS’s Regulatory Content Manager Greg Hotaling and Product Manager Mike Marmo recap the world of investment monitoring in 2021 and give a sneak preview to what’s next in shareholding disclosure and position limit monitoring in 2022.

About Our Guest Speakers:

Greg Hotaling is a Regulatory Content Manager at CSS, addressing global regulatory matters relevant to the financial industry. Since its inception, Greg has led the regulatory research and content team for CSS's global Investment Monitoring platform that facilitates compliance with shareholder disclosure and position limit rules around the world.

Mike Marmo is a Product Manager at CSS, responsible for guiding the product development lifecycle, implementing key regulatory functionality, and setting the product roadmap for CSS’s Global Threshold Management solution, Signal. Mike has 15 years of FinTech experience and a strong background working with traders, portfolio managers, and back office personnel to implement financial solutions. Prior to joining CSS, Mike served as a Compliance Implementation Manager for Charles River OMS.


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