Shareholding Disclosure Rules for Managed Holdings

Shareholding Disclosure Rules for Managed Holdings

In this episode, CSS’s Regulatory Content Manager, Greg Hotaling and Head of Shareholding Disclosure at aosphere LLP, Faye Sutherland discuss shareholding disclosure rules for managed holdings and why obligations across jurisdictions can be even more difficult for investment managers than staying on top of regulatory change.

About Our Guest Speakers:

Greg Hotaling is a Regulatory Content Manager at Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS), addressing global regulations relevant to the financial industry. Greg has led the regulatory team for CSS's global Investment Monitoring platform since its inception, and also analyzes ESG-related regulations for CSS. Previously, Greg practiced as a corporate and securities lawyer in New York for 10 years. In addition, he has authored a scholarly essay on EU commercial matters (assigned as coursework at two US law schools), and has produced and directed a nationally broadcast documentary on community politics in England.

Faye Sutherland is head of the Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure service provided by aosphere LLP an affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP. Faye qualified as a lawyer in 2001 and joined aosphere in 2009 for the development and launch of Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure. As Head of the Rulefinder service, Faye has oversight and responsibility for the legal content and development of a product which today is used by 330+ organisations and covers detailed legal analysis for 90+ jurisdictions. Faye is often asked to speak on regulatory topics concerning beneficial ownership reporting and short selling rules, especially for a view on global trends.


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