Data Management and a Regulatory Book of Record

Data Management and a Regulatory Book of Record

In this episode, CSS’s SVP of Business Development Ashley Smith sits down with Chief Product Officer Ronan Brennan to talk about fragmented data sourcing, processes and technologies and how firms can manage data more strategically through a regulatory book of record (RBOR). The discussion also turns to how data management plays a role in simplifying the production of both UCITS KIID and PRIIPs KID.

About Our Guest Speakers:

Ashley Smith is a sales and business development professional with 30 years of experience in the financial services sector. Ashley started his career with the Financial Times and has led sales, marketing and business development teams across leading solution providers in data management, market data, risk analytics, collateral management and regulatory compliance.

Ronan Brennan is the Chief Product Officer at Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS). In his role, he has direct responsibility for the strategic evolution of the global suite of CSS products and regulatory content. Managing product in CSS involves ensuring the product suite is ready to support both the current and future compliance management and regulatory reporting needs of investment management and advisory firms globally. Ronan participates as a speaker in many industry events each year, in addition to publishing a company blog and development of thought leadership materials. Ronan has 26 years of experience in the technology sector, 21 of which have been spent in the investment data management and regulatory reporting space.


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