Betting on Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets 101 for Investment Managers

Betting on Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets 101 for Investment Managers

In this episode, CSS’s Director of Broker-Dealer Services and Private Funds John Gentile sits down with Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer of Off the Chain Capital, Brian Estes to discuss the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Is this investing or gambling, is it an asset class, and why should investment advisers and broker-dealers be thinking about adding digital assets to their clients’ portfolios?

About Our Guest Speakers:

John Gentile is responsible for overseeing various types of broker-dealer and investment adviser consulting engagements, including conducting SEC/FINRA internal control reviews, anti-money laundering testing, written supervisory policy and procedures testing, and other consultation services. John is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on various compliance topics, including “Effective Supervision,” “Large Firm Testing,” FINRA Supervisory Control Rules” and “Anti Money Laundering Requirements for Broker Dealers under the PATRIOT Act.” In 1987 John joined the SEC as a Securities Compliance Examiner, becoming a Branch Chief in 1991. He became Assistant Regional Director in 1993, supervising a team of 20 broker-dealer managers and examiners. He also planned and conducted financial, operational, and sales practice examinations of the largest broker dealers and was among those responsible for a review of hedge funds’ impact on broker dealer internal controls. Before joining the SEC, John was a Financial Damage Analyst with PaineWebber Inc. Most recently from 2000-2007 John was an Executive Consultant, Broker-Dealer Services, at National Regulatory Services. John has an MBA from Fordham University and a BS in Finance from Central Connecticut State University. From 1995 to 2002, John was also a member of the Securities Industry Continuing Education East Coast Content Committee.

Brian Estes is the CEO and CIO of Off the Chain Capital which manages the #1 performing blockchain investment fund over the past 4 years. Brian has been a VC in blockchain for over 7 years and has advised, mentored and/or financed 5 blockchain companies that have a combined value of over $100B today. Prior to his immersion in blockchain, the Brian was one of the top-ranked investment managers in the nation. Morningstar ranked his client’s performance between 2004-2014 in the top 1/10th of 1% of the Morningstar equity manager universe. Brian earned his BA in Economics from the University of Illinois, his MBA with high honors from Washington University, and has studied at Cambridge University and the London School of Economics. For fun, Brian earned his pilot’s license in 1989 and has logged over 2200 hours of flight time in his Cessna 177RG.


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