Where Are Your Cybersecurity Blindspots with COVID-19?

Where Are Your Cybersecurity Blindspots with COVID-19?

Google Data Reveals 350% Surge In Phishing Websites During Coronavirus Pandemic

More financial firms have shifted to a remote workforce in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the availability of VPNs and cloud-based services has enabled firms to continue operating, the paradigm shift to an entire staff working from home has not come without increased cybersecurity risks.

Hackers have realized that there are more opportunities to compromise firm data and staff credentials when such a large group of workers is working from home. Add to that the increased fear and uncertainty around the pandemic, with employees constantly searching for the latest updates and information, and you have a recipe for cybersecurity breaches that could impact your firm’s data and your personal data.

CSS’s cybersecurity team has put together the following checklist to help determine if your employees’ data may be at risk:

  1. Is more than 50% of your workforce currently working from home?
  2. Is your mobile staff using their personal computers or devices to work?
  3. Do you list names and email addresses of executive management on your firm’s website?
  4. Do you include personal details in employee bios listed on your firm’s website?
  5. Do any of your staff members maintain a presence on LinkedIn?
  6. Do you permit employees to access confidential email on their mobile devices?
  7. Are you aware of any employees using the same password for multiple accounts?
  8. Have you conducted phishing testing for your staff more than 3 months ago?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, your risk of account compromise is heightened. Let CSS help mitigate that risk to your firm and your staff.

We are pleased to offer Dark Web Monitoring as an additional service to our robust Cybersecurity offerings. With dark web monitoring, we proactively monitor the dark web for your firm’s compromised employee and client data, alerting you when such data appears in dark web forums and enabling you to take prompt action to change account passwords before other hackers buy and use the compromised credentials.

It can be easy to feel powerless in the current uncertain environment. Take back control of your firm’s risk. Contact us at cybersecurity@cssregtech.com to schedule a consultation with one of our cybersecurity experts and to learn more about dark web monitoring, cyber risk assessments and phishing testing.