Longboat Analytics

Fund analytics, data and website solutions for investment managers in Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Sweden and the UK

CSS’s Longboat Analytics captures data on investment funds and adds value through the provision of analytics tools, website solutions and aggregated data feeds specifically for asset managers, life assurance companies, wealth managers and financial advisers in Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Sweden and the UK.

Fund Focus

Fund Focus provides daily updated market data analytics that enables financial advisers to make better investment decisions. Fund Focus is an easy to use, online fund analytics tool that allows fund companies to compare their funds’ performance against their market peers.

Financial advisers can use Fund Focus to help back up the advice they give to their clients. Designed with ‘ease of use’ as a priority, this responsive designed website allows advisers to track fund performance and risk, along with the ability to create and monitor model portfolios.

Get fast access to the data you need

Compare and chart fund performance/volatility of entire market

Filter funds by risk profile and custom criteria

Create and monitor client portfolios

Provides customizable reports for your clients

Fund Centre

Fund Centre is a hosted fund data platform that asset managers and life assurance companies can employ to manage the online publication of their fund data. The platform provides hosted web pages of fund prices, performance statistics, interactive charting, model portfolio creation and dynamic fund fact sheet pages.

The Fund Centre platform is fully customizable. You decide how the site looks and what information is included on each page. Design your own fund factsheet pages or select from existing panels. Include comparison functionality that allows investors and advisers to compare and chart fund performance.

Real-time updated fund data (daily updated fund factsheets)

Reduce errors with our in-built data verification rules

Include relevant functionality that allows clients/advisers to compare products side-by-side

Provide financial advisers with tools to create customized reports for their clients

Document Production for Fund Factsheets

CSS also provides a document production and distribution service for fund factsheets. Fund factsheets can be provided in either PDF or HTML format for integration into your website. The data required for output within the factsheets can be sourced directly from your fund managers or administrator. You can choose the layout of the fund factsheet from one of our existing templates or design your own.

Our document production service includes an automated full workflow from data capture right through to final sign-off of the fund factsheets.

Full managed services or leverage the automated platform directly

Seamless distribution to multiple channels including fund platforms or filing with regulators directly

Flexible workflow with dashboard views for customization

Audit trail across entire platform

To learn more about Longboat Analytics, including Fund Focus, Fund Centre and CSS’s document production and distribution capabilities, schedule a live demo with a CSS expert.