Confluence’s Proven Reporting Platform Addresses New Reporting Requirements of Private Fund Rule

Confluence’s Proven Reporting Platform Addresses New Reporting Requirements of Private Fund Rule

The platform solves unprecedented private fund data challenges while delivering accuracy and efficiency to the private fund industry.

Pittsburgh, PA, December 14, 2023 – Confluence Technologies, Inc. (“Confluence”), a global technology solutions provider for regulatory and investor communications for the investment management industry, announced today its best-in-class reporting platform will address the periodic and shareholder reporting requirements detailed in the SEC’s Private Fund Rule , and a wide range of private fund data and reporting challenges, delivering accuracy, efficiency and speed as the deadline fast approaches.

Confluence’s reporting platform has for decades enabled the investment management industry to meet regulatory and shareholder reporting needs. Confluence is uniquely positioned to help the private fund industry meet evolving regulatory demands with its comprehensive reporting solution, integrated data aggregation, enrichment and management capabilities, robust performance analytics, innovative use of AI for reporting reconciliation, and three-decades of regulatory and shareholder reporting experience.

“Our market-leading reporting capabilities give the private fund industry the power to address the incredibly onerous undertaking of Private Fund Rule reporting. Private fund data often exists disparately across funds, structures and clients, making structured reporting a significant challenge. With over three decades of experience helping the investment management industry meet ever-changing regulatory requirements, our reporting platform positions us perfectly to deliver significant time and cost savings and accuracy to the private assets world as they continue to face increased scrutiny.”

– Todd Moyer, President and Chief Operating Officer at Confluence.

The Private Fund Rule reporting requirements will require investment advisors to prepare a quarterly fund statement within 45 days after the end of each fiscal quarter. The SEC expects a significant cost annually just to prepare and distribute the reports. The time for onboarding and testing is aggressive with firms needing a solution by early Q2 2024, ready for dry runs beginning at the end of 2024 reporting cycles.

Confluence’s Private Fund Reporting Platform fulfills periodic reporting obligations seamlessly while ensuring that annual, interim, and quarterly reports are generated from the diverse data sets, offering consistency and efficiency in compliance efforts. The platform includes data collection and enrichment, streamlining data management and transformation across disparate private fund data. It also includes an AI reconciliation engine “Rex” that automates the reconciliation of diverse private fund reports, reducing time to compliance and ensuring consistency in data points across reports. The platform offers advanced performance analytics, eliminating the need for numerous vendors to meet the requirements of this and future regulations.

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