Portability from CME/NEX Abide – A Walkthrough with CSS and REGIS-TR

Portability from CME/NEX Abide – A Walkthrough with CSS and REGIS-TR

What You Should Consider Before Transitioning From CME/NEX Abide

Even though the portability flows can look quite basic at a glance, in our experience from previous porting projects, we know there are hidden challenges when you start to look under the surface. Before moving to a new solution, partner with CSS and make sure to find your reporting blindspots.

In this webinar recording CSS together with REGIS-TR will guide you on the best practices when transitioning to a new reporting solution, including:

  • The current regulatory landscape and its impact on CME/NEX Abide clients
  • What clients need to do to make the transition and if there is time to achieve all the changes required
  • How TRs and service provides can work together to ease the transition
  • How the file formats differ between TRs and what can be done to resolve this
  • How to streamline data management across regulations such as SFTR and EMIR
  • If Brexit will add further complications

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